Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala – Famous temple in osmanabad (kallam)

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Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala | Famous place in Osmanabad | Yermala Devi | Kallam famous places.

One of the major temples in Osmanabad is Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala which is a famous place in Yermala in Kalam taluka. Devotees and tourists from Kalam taluka as well as all over Maharashtra visit this place without fail.

Yedeshwari Devi is the Kulaswamini of devotees in Maharashtra. Yermala is very close to Kalam taluka and this is where you can see Yedeshwari Devi temple.

Information about Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala.

The temple of Yedeshwari Devi is situated on a hill and is at a height of 300 to 400 feet. All the surroundings are beautiful. There are a total of 204 steps to reach the temple.

After climbing 50 steps, you can see a magnificent lamp. Since the temple is located on a hill, security has also been taken care of, so there is a rampart on the Coho side.

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If you observe the construction of the temple, you find that it is from the Hemadpanti style of architecture and that too is true.

The construction of the temple is done using stone pillars and stone pillars. You can see that 101 stone pillars and stone goats were used while building the temple.

At a distance of five hundred meters from the main temple, a kallol has been built for bathing.

About Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala.

Also known as the younger sister of Sri Tuljabhavani, the Kulswamini of Maharashtra, the goddess is Yedeshwari Devi and is located in Yermala.

Why yedai name is given to this goddess?

Let’s see how the goddess names Yedeshwari Devi came to be. When Lord Rama was on his journey to exile, Goddess Parvati was trying to change Lord Ramachandra’s mind by taking the form of Sita, and Lord Rama said, “Are you crazy?” This goddess was named Yedai i.e. Yedeshwari Devi.

Information About the Festival which is celebrated here.

Yedeshwari Devi Yatra is held twice a year. Devotees of Devi attend in lakhs during the Yatra. On the occasion of Chaitra Purnima Yatra, devoted devotees from Maharashtra as well as abroad come to see the Goddess. The second yatra of the year is celebrated on Shravan Purnima.

Lakhs of devoted devotees attend this Yatra to have a glimpse of the Goddess. A practice during this yatra that thousands of would-be devotees perform with great joy is the practice of picking lime from the precincts of the goddess.

As much as only lime is quarried and deposited and the temple of the goddess is painted using the deposited lime. Goddess is celebrated with great joy during Navratri festivals as well.

Where is Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala?

Yermala city is located on Aurangabad Solapur Highway. You have to use your vehicle to reach the temple of the goddess as the government vehicles are available only up to the Yermala town bus station and beyond that, you have to use a private vehicle or rickshaw.

Possibly it would be beneficial for you to visit the Goddess using your vehicle. You can also visit the location of the Devi’mple using the location given below.

Location of Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala.


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