Wadwal Nagnath Bet latur – best place to visit in latur 2022

Wadwal Nagnath bet latur | latur famous famous.

Wadwal Nagnath Bet latur| best place to visit in winter season in latur | 

Wadwal Nagnath Bet latur- Among the major tourist spots in the cities of Latur, Wadwal Nagnath Island is one of the must-visit places for tourists. If you want to see the plants used in Ayurveda, then you should visit  Wadwal Nagnath Island, just 30 to 35 km from Latur city. You also get to study the rare plant species used in the science of Ayurveda that you can find at Vadval Nagnath Island.

Wadwal Nagnath There is a village three kilometers away from this hill and the name of that village is also Vadval Nagnath. The hill is named Vadval Nagnath Island after the village Vadval Nagnath.


About Wadwal Nagnath Bet latur.

Vadval Nagnath Island is also seen as the most popular hill in Latur district. From this place you can easily see the surroundings of Latur and enjoy spending some time in the nature.

If you want to study the plants used in Ayurvedic and also see the beauty of nature, Vadval Nagnath Island in Latur district is a good example for you.

Best time to visit Vadval Nagnath Island.

You can visit Vadwal Nagnath Peth any day of the year but if you want to study the flora well then winter is the special season for you to visit. If you visit between the months of October and March, you will find it easier to study the flora. During winter season you can experience this hill well and also enjoy the surroundings and also enjoy a good dung in the nature.

Wadwal Nagnath bet latur | latur famous famous.
Wadwal Nagnath bet latur | latur famous famous.


Entrance fee.

You don’t need to pay any kind of fee to visit Vadwal Nagnath Bhet This place is completely free to visit whether you are a tourist or anyone else you don’t need to pay any kind of fee in this place.

How to visit Wadwal Nagnath bet latur.

Wadwal Nagnath bet latur.

There are three main ways to visit the city of Latur which are road, air and rail.

by bus

You can come to Latur city by your personal vehicle or by using a bus from the nearby bus station to Latur city. Vadwal Island is just 30 km from Latur Bus Station.

railway line

As Latur cities also have railway lines, you can reach Latur railway station from nearby railway station and Vadwal Nagnath Island is just between 30 to 35 km from Latur railway station.

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