Udgir Fort latur – Famous fort in latur.

Udgir Fort latur | Famous fort in latur | Famous place in latur to visit in 2022 | 

Udgir Fort latur | Famous fort in latur | Famous place in latur to visit in 2022 | 

Udgir Fort latur is one of the famous forts in the Latur district of Maharashtra. If you want to know about the oldest fort in the city of Latur then Udgir Fort is a good example for you and it was built in the 12th century AD.

If we think about the structure of the fort, then the fortification of the fort is a 40 feet deep moat. You can see the mausoleum of Udayagiri Maharaj sixty feet below the ground level of Udgir fort.

If we think about how this fort got its name, then this fort was named Udgir Fort after the name of Hindu saint Udayagiri Rishi. On the fort, you can find inscriptions written in a rare language.

History about Udgir Fort latur. 

Udgir Fort latur is one of the best tourist places in Latur which is a must-visit place for tourists. There are many tourist places in the city of Latur but history lovers must visit this fort as the fort helps historians to study the antiquities. The structure of Udgir Fort is worth studying for historians and historians visit us to get the structure and other information about this fort.

Udgir Fort latur | Famous fort in latur | Famous place in latur to visit in 2022 | 

Udgir Fort is a perfect example for you if you want to spend some moments in the natural environment as the surrounding area of ​​the fort is full of natural beauty. Millions of tourists visit the Udgir fort in Latur every year.

Distance between latur to Udgir Fort.

Udgir fort falls in the Latur district and is located 58 kilometers from the center of the Latur district. You can find many tourist spots in the cities of Latur but Udgir Fort is also considered a favorite place for historians as well as fort lovers.

How to reach the city of Latur

There are three options in front of you to visit the city of Latur.

by road.

You can visit Latur Bus Station using your vehicle or government bus and from there you will meet a bus to Udgir Fort latur.

by rail.

As Latur city has railways, you can visit the railway station in Latur using the nearest railway station and book a bus or taxi from there to visit Udgir Fort latur.


Latur city has an airport but it is currently closed for some reason so you can follow the above two routes.

Famous places in latur.

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