Top 10 Famous places in osmanabad – Best historical place, temple and fort

Top 10 Famous places in osmanabad | place to visit in osmanabad | world famous place

Top 10 famous places in osmanabad | best place to visit in osmanabad | historical places, fort, and caves in osmanabad.

Top 10 Famous Places in osmanabad – Osmanabad district of Maharashtra has many tourist places and religious places which many tourists come to see. Today in this post we are going to see the famous places in Osmanabad.

Osmanabad is in the Marathwada region. The city of Osmanabad is also blessed with historical heritage.

In this place, you can see ancient places as well as historical places in osmanabad. The cities of Osmanabad also have natural tourist attractions that will blow your mind. Top 10 Famous Places in osmanabad.

Top 10 Famous places in osmanabad | place to visit in osmanabad | world famous place

Today we are going to see information about tourist places, religious places, etc. in the cities of Osmanabad. Now we are going to see the information about the best ten places in the cities of Osmanabad and the list of those ten places is as follows. Top 10 Famous Places in osmanabad.

The old name of the city of Osmanabad was Dharashiv and it was changed back to Osmanabad in 2022 and given the name Dharashiv.

SR.NO Name of place  Type of place More details.
01 Tuljabhavani Temple tuljapur. Temple Click here.
02 Kalbhairavanath temple sonari ( osmanabad ). Temple Click here.
03 Shri Datta Temple Ruibhar. Temple Click here.
04 Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala. Temple Click here.
05 Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah. Trmple Click here.
06 Dharashiv Caves. Caves Click here.
07 Sri Ramaling temple & Sanctuary Yedshi. Templbeautyature buty. Click here.
08 Paranda Fort. Historical fort. Click here.
09 Naldurg Fort. Historical fort. Click here.

Tuljabhavani Temple tuljapur.

Tuljabhavani Temple is considered a major religious place in the cities of Osmanabad. Tuljabhavani Devi i.e. Mother at Tuljapur in Osmanabad is the Kulswamini of the entire Maharashtra. Tuljabhavani temple is one of the three and a half hundred shaktipeeths in the state. Every year the devotees of the goddess come to have darshan of the goddess.

The people of Maharashtra as well as neighboring states must visit Tuljapur in the cities of Osmanabad to see the goddess. Every year more than lakhs of prospective devotees come to see the Goddess. Yatras are held at this place on Ashwin and Chaitra Poornima days. A large number of prospective devotees are present during this yatra. As the Yatra event of Tuljabhavani Devi is a sight to behold, tourists from abroad as well as devotees keep coming.

At a distance of 22 km from the city of Osmanabad, you will find the village of Tuljapur. At this place, you can see the temple of Tuljabhavani. Tuljapur village is at a distance of 22 km from Solapur city. You can also visit Tuljabhavani Temple directly using the location given below.

How to reach Tuljabhavani Temple (Tuljapur).

Location of Tuljabhavani Temple.

Kalbhairavanath temple sonari.

Kalbhairavanath temple is one of the best places in the cities of Osmanabad. Kalbhairavanath temple is located at Sonari in the Osmanabad district. Lakhs of devotees come here to see God. A monastery of the Nath sect is also found at this place. People come from different places to visit this Math and Kalbhairavanath temple. This monastery was established in the 14th century AD.

Kalbhairavanath is said to have been born from Lord Shankara’s third eye. Sonari Kalbhairavanath Temple is located at a distance of 90 km from the city of Osmanabad. Devout devotees always throng to see this place. The natural beauty of this place is also worth seeing. It is a good place for you to visit with your friend as well as family.

How to reach Kalbhairavanath temple sonari.

Location of Kalbhairavanath temple.

Shri Datta Temple Ruibhar.

Shri Datta Temple Ruibhar in Osmanabad is also a religious place worth visiting. Devotees also come from Osmanabad and other nearby towns to see this temple. Shree Datta  Mandir Sansthan is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Osmanabad.

This temple is built from black pashmina. Shri Datta  Mandir is a magnificent divine temple in the Osmanabad district. On the wall of the temple, there are beautiful and elegant works of art that people come from different parts to see. Shree Datta temple is just 15 km from Osmanabad city. Since Osmanabad is close to the city, devotees from cities come here for darshan.

Shri Datta Temple Ruisituatedtituated in Ruibhar village. 15 km long from osmanabad district.

How to reach Shree Datta Temple.

Location of Shree Datta Temple.

Yedeshwari Devi Temple Yermala.

Yedeshwari Devi Temple is a famous temple located in Kalam Taluka of Osmanabad. Yedeshwari Devi is the younger sister of Tuljabhavani Devi, the Kulswamini of Maharashtra. This goddess is also known by another name and the name of the goddess is Yedai. Yedai Devi is the Kulaswamini of millions of devotees. Every year lakhs of devotees come to Yermala to have the darshan of the goddess.

Yedeshwari Devi temple is on a hill so you have to climb steps to have darshan. The temple has a total of 204 steps. Since the temple is on a hill, security has also been taken care of in this place and fortifications have been built on all four sides. After walking the initial 50 steps of the temple, there is the Deepmal.

The Yatra of Yedeshwari Devi is celebrated twice a year. On the occasion of both Chaitra Poornima and Shravan Poornima, the goddess is visited with great joy. During the Yatra, many devotees of Goddesses from Maharashtra are present for the Yatra.

The event of Yatra is worth watching trees found in this place are deciduous trees. After the Yatra of Devi, there is a lot of rain and these trees sprout new leaves. What a boring-looking land that starts to look green everywhere. As it is a scenic area, this place is crowded with tourists during the monsoon season.

Since the temple is on a hill, it is worth watching the sunset from that place. Tourists throng this place every day at sunset. Tourists are more frequent in this place during monsoon. Yedeshwari Devi is also known as the Goddess of Vows. Yedeshwari Devi Temple is 35 km from Osmanabad city.

How to reach Yedeshwari Devi Temple yermala.

Location of Yedeshwari Devi Temple yermala.

Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah.

Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah is one of the famous places in Maharashtra as well as in India. Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah is just two kilometers away from Osmanabad Bus Station. Gets you to the center of Osmanabad city. A large amount of Ooroos fills this dargah every year.

Devotees gather in large numbers on this occasion. A large number of Hindu Muslim devotees visit this dargah. This place is also worth a visit. This is one of the major places in the cities of Osmanabad and you will enjoy visiting this place.

If you want to study or visit the ancient culture in the cities of Osmanabad, then you must visit the village of Ter, which is 22 km from the city of Osmanabad. Teri places help you to study ancient culture. Famous national saint Gorobakaka Kumbhar is known only to Maharashtra. The old house of native onal saint Gorobakaka Kumbar is still located in those villages.

Tourists and devotees come not only from Maharashtra but also from India to see this ancient house. There is Ternthe a River in Teri villages. A temple with the tomb of Gorobakaka Kumbhar is also built on the bank of Ternthe a River. Thousands of devotees from Maharashtra are present to see this temple.

How to reach Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah.

Location of Hazrat Shamshuddin Ghazi Dargah .

Dharashiv Cave.

Dharashiv Caves is one of the most famous places in the Osmanabad district. The Dharashiv Caves in the Balaghat range are a favorite of Osmanabad kars. Millions of tourists flock to see this place every year. At a distance of six kilometers from the city of Osmanabad, you can find Darashi Caves.

Dharashiv Cave is an ancient cave. Dharashiv Caves are also believed to have been built in the 7th century. Dharashiv caves are claimed by Buddhists and Jains. If you love to visit ancient places then Dharashiv Caves in Osmanabad will be a perfect example for you. This cave is located a short distance from the city of Osmanabad.

How to reach Dharashiv caves.

Location of Dharashiv caves.

Ramalinga Temple.

Ramalinga Temple is one of the famous temples in the city of Osmanabad. Every year lakhs of devotees come to this place for darshan. This is the temple of Lord Shiva in the city of Osmanabad. At a distance of just 23 km from the city of Osmanabad, you can find the Ramalinga temple. As there are trees around this temple

Here you can spend some moments in the closeness of nature. Tourists also come to this place to study the natural beauty. This temple is built on Solapur Aurangabad Highway. Ramalinga temple is located in Yedshi villages. During the month of Shravan, there is a huge crowd at this place for the darshan of Lord Shankar.

Thousands of would-be devotees attend this place every day. As the Ramalinga temple goes to the school of nature, the place also has a natural waterfall. The waterfall starts flowing after heavy rainfall. You can visit this place with your friend as well as family to see and enjoy the waterfall. Children throng this waterfall in large numbers during monsoons.

You can also see a lot of wildlife in the Ramalinga temple area, mainly monkeys, dogs, and other animals. Similarly, you get to see other animals and birds too. It is also known as Yedshi Ramaling Ghat Sanctuary due to its rich population of birds and animals. You can get a glimpse of God and visit the sanctuary at the same time.

How to reach Ramalinga Temple Yedashi.

Location of Ramalinga Temple Yedashi.

Paranda Fort.

Paranda Fort is one of the ancient historical places in the cities of Osmanabad. You can see this fort in Paranda village of Osmanabad district. The fort is also named after the village. The fort is also known as Paranda Fort and the name of the village is Paranda. If you look at the structure of this fort, you can see that this fort falls into the Bhuikot type.

Among the various antiques that you can find in this fort, guns are the main factor. Paranda fort is elongated in a rectangular shape. You get to see this fort spread over ten acres. There are 26 bastions on the outer side of the fort and 19 bastions on the inner side for a total of 45 men you can see in this fort. Paranda Fort is between 80 and 85 km from Osmanabad city. To get the location of the fort, you can go directly to that place by clicking on the map on the link given below.

How to reach Paranda Fort.

Location of Paranda fort.

Naladurg Fort.

Naldurg Fort, which is seen as a major tourist spot in the cities of Osmanabad, is a favorite place for tourists. Naldurg Fort is a must-see for tourists coming to the cities of Osmanabad. Lakhs of tourists, as well as local people, throng to see the architecture and other beauty of this fort. This fort is located near the city of Osmanabad. In the interior of this fort, you can study various antiques.

The main feature of this fort is the Pani Mahal. Various foreign tourists also come to this place to see the Pani Mahal. Naladurg fort falls under Bhuikot type. Since this fort is huge, its entire extension is almost two and a half kilometers.

Many years have passed since the construction of this fort, but even today we can see this fort intact. On the banks of river Bor, you can see Naladurg fort. You should visit this fort as there are many features of this fort as well as other information to take in.

How to reach Naladurga Fort.

Location of Naladurga Fort.

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