Siddharth Garden Aurangabad – famous place in aurangabad 2022

Siddharth Garden Aurangabad - famous place in aurangabad

Siddharth Garden Aurangabad | famous tourist place in Aurangabad | zoo in Aurangabad | 

Siddharth Garden Aurangabad is one of the most popular places in the city of Aurangabad. If you want to visit the garden and zoological museum in Aurangabad, then Siddharth Garden is a good example.

Siddharth Garden is located in the heart of the city of Aurangabad. In this place, you also get to see a zoo along with a garden so you get to see a variety of animals. You are provided with zoological museum water at this place with all security. You can also see fish tanks for different types of fish.

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Siddhart garden and zoo aurangabad click here to get location. mhaismal  place Aurangabad.

Siddharth Garden Aurangabad - famous place in aurangabad

Things which can you see in Siddharth Garden Aurangabad

At Siddharth Garden, you will find a beautiful garden with slides, and pen space for playing in a fish tank. As this place also has a zoological museum, you can also see animals like tigers, lions, foxes, wolves, deer, monkeys, and gorillas.

Fees and time.

You also have to pay some fees to visit Siddharth Garden. The fee also varies according to the garden committee but the ticket is ten rupees per person. There is a fixed time to visit this garden and that time is from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Restaurants near this place.

Since Siddharth Garden is located in the heart of the city of Aurangabad, you can find various restaurants and hotels in this place, some of which are named below.

01 Bharat Hotel
02 Maratha Hotel
03 Fresh Veg Restaurant
04 Ellora crown
05 Highway Garden Restaurant
06 Hotel Udpi
07 Mandira Snacks



⇒ Aurangabad City Center Station Road Aurangabad Maharashtra 431001

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