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parli vaijanath temple | world faous place | famous place in parli | top place in beed

Vaijnath temple Parli Vaijnath.

parli vaijanath temple- We are going to see information about the famous Vaijnath temple at Parli Vaijnath. This is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India.

Parli Vaijnath Temple is considered number one among the most famous places in the city of Parli due to its Jyotirlinga.  Although Parli is known for its power station, Sri Vaijnath Temple is the number one tourist destination. Lakhs of devotees visit this place every year for darshan. As this temple has got a location in Jyotirlinga, we get to see throngs of devotees in this temple throughout the year. parli vaijanath temple.

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01 parli vaijanath jyotirling get location. Top 5 place in beed.

where is this vaijanat Jyotirlinga in parli? parli vaijanath temple.

Parli is a taluka in the Beed district and Sri Vaijnath temple is located in this place. This temple has two doors and the main door of this temple is facing east. Major festivals celebrated in Maharashtra i.e. Gudhipadwa and Vijayadashami as well as Mahashivratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm at this place. At this time there was a huge crowd in Parli. parli vaijanath temple.

Location of parli jyotirlinga/temple.

Festivals are celebrated in parli vaijnath temple.

On the day of Mahashivratri, people from different parts come on foot for darshan. A fair is held at this place on the occasion of this festival. As people come from different parts of this festival, buses are also available from every part to come to Parli.

parli vaijanath temple | world faous place | famous place in parli | top place in beed
There are many stories about Parli Vaijnath Temple which you must have heard. If you listen, you can hear them. If you go to see Jyotirlinga number nine out of the twelve jyotirlingas located in India, its name is Parli Vaijnath and it is located at Parli Vaijnath. As mentioned above, the temple has doors in all three directions and the main door of the temple is in the east direction. parli vaijanath temple.

distance from the railway station and bus station.

This temple is built a short distance from Parli. It is four kilometers from Parli Bus Station. If you want to live in the temple, it is mandatory to take permission from the temple trust and you will also have to pay a donation between 151 to 251 rupees. If you agree to their terms and conditions, then you can be anointed at that place. This core can perform Abhishek on June 18 during Abhishek.

which things you can see here.  parli vaijanath temple.

There are also three Nandis in the mandapa outside the temple where you can have a glimpse of Lord Shiva. There is also an idol of Mother Parvati Devi outside the gabhara. As the devotees come to Parli from a long distance to have the darshan of Lord Shiva, the Parli Vaijnath Trust has set up a Bhakti Nivas for the protection of the devotees. Accommodation and living facilities are provided to the devotees who come for darshan at this place. parli vaijanath temple.

You can visit the temple on any day of the year. As the transport route is also good to come to Parli Vaijnath place you can come on your own. At Parli Vaijnath you can also find different tourist places but it is found that most devotees visit the Parli Vaijnath Jyotirlinga temple. Since this temple has a location in Jyotirlinga, devotees from far and distant regions come to have the darshan of the deity. You can get information about temple darshan and other tourist places in Parli through our website. parli vaijanath temple.

How to come to visit the temple from your area.

You have two ways to reach Parli.
railway line.
Bus route means road route.

by railway 

You can come to Parli Vaijnath by visiting the nearest railway station in your area and buying a ticket from your place to Parli Vaijnath railway station. Parli Vaijnath Temple is just four kilometers away from Parli Vaijnath Railway Station.

by bus

You want to choose a bus that goes via Parli from your nearest bus station and you want to reach Parli Vaijnath by traveling in it. The temple is also just four kilometers away from the Parli bus station.

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