Mhaismal Aurangabad – aurangabad famous place in 2022

Mhaismal Aurangabad - aurangabad famous place | world famous place | aurangabad tourism

Aurangabad famous place | Mhaismal Aurangabad  | aurangabad tourist place.

Mhaismal Aurangabad is one of the major tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Mhaismal is also seen as a major tourist destination in the Aurangabad district and due to its scenic surroundings, this place is always crowded with tourists.

Aurangabad is a great example if you want to enjoy nature tourism in these cities. The place is crowded to see the buffalo all year round. Tourists visit this place to celebrate their holidays with joy.

Experience that you can enjoy here,

Especially local tourists visit this place. Mahabaleshwar is a very famous place and everyone likes to visit this place but as it is very far away sometimes you can’t go there after you visit Mhaismal in Aurangabad you feel like visiting Mahabaleshwar because you can experience the atmosphere of that place to some extent. can be taken This is why Mhaismal is also known as Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra.

You can find a temperate climate here.  As the cool climate and scenic surroundings of this place are pleasing to every human mind, tourists who want to spend some time in secluded natural surroundings visit this place.

Mhaismal Aurangabad - aurangabad famous place | world famous place | aurangabad tourism
Mhaismal Aurangabad – Aurangabad famous place | world famous place | Aurangabad tourism

Where is Mhaismal Aurangabad 

The place Mhaismal is near the city of Aurangabad and it is about 36 km away. At Mhaismal you can see the temple of Goddess Girija Devi. Since this goddess is the place of worship of millions of devotees, devotees of the goddess always crowd to meet this goddess and after coming to this place, they enjoy the scenic atmosphere of this place. You can experience different natural things in this place as the whole area of ​​this place is full of natural resources such as plants, animals, mountains, and water.

Things that you can see here.

You can see different flora and fauna in this place. You can visit this place on any day of the year but during monsoons, this place is called heaven on earth as there is a huge crowd for water. Viewpoints are also made for tourists to see. Every viewpoint is also fenced with iron as it is very important for the safety of the tourists.

Famous place near mhaismal.

Siddhart garden aurangabad.

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Location of mhaismal.

Bani begum garden Aurangabad.

Bhadra Maruti temple Aurangabad.

two ways to visit this place.

#1 – road route

You can visit this place by using your vehicle by the road leading to this place.

If you want to come by bus, after alighting at Aurangabad bus station, this place is at a distance of 35 km.


#2 – the railway line

Aurangabad cities also don’t have railways, you can come from your city to Aurangabad railway station and from there you want to reach Mhaismal.

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