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Mangesh Andhale – information and case study of his life.

Hello, friends in this article we will discuss about the person whose name is Mangesh Andhale.

You know this person. Mangesh  Andhale is an youtuber and also blogger.

If you have to know about that person then this is the right place that gives you information about Mangesh Andhale. He made many websites that help many people. In this article, we will share his official website link.

Name Mangesh Laxman Andhale .
Date Of Birth 24 march 2006
Birth place Doka.
Village Hingani (khurd).
Mother Name Sunita Laxman Andhale.
Father Name Laxman Madhavrao Andhale.
1st standared zilla Parishad school Doka.
2nd – 10 th Kai Dadarao Karad prathamik ani madhymik vidhyalai ambajogai
10th persentage 97.40
10 th Board Maharastra board abacus
Abacus 1st lavel 3rd in Aurangabad level abacus
Abacus 2nd level 1st rank in Aurangabad level
Instagram Account mangeshandhale_ms35
Facebook Account mangesh andhale
Mobile number 8390114007
Email is her official website. Hindi website about government schemes and other government-related documents. Mangesh Andhale tales how to apply for any document like an Aadhar card pan card and

other government identity cards. If you have any issues with your government card you can visit by clicking the above URL.

mangesh andhale biography | मंगेश आंधळे
mangesh andhale biography | मंगेश आंधळे

In this article, we will discuss her biography and other activity about him.

Mangesh Laxman andhale is the full and real name of Mangesh Andhale. He was born on 24th March 2006. His birthplace is in the Beed district. Hingani Khurda is a small village in beed district. His childhood life is gone in her village. After completing 6 years her parents were admitted to school in 1st standard. The name of his first standard school is Zilla Parishad prathmik Shala Doka.

Doka is the place which is situated in the kaiju subdistrict. After completing his first standard her parents changed his school and give him admission to a new school named kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagari pPariserambajogai. This school is very popular in ambajogai. MIT means Maharashtra institute of technology her branch in ambajogai that named Kai dadarao karad vidyalay nagzari parisar ambajogai.

School of mangesh andhale.

Second standard to 10th standard her whole study complete in this school. Many teachers teach him in school life. The faculty of KDKV school is very good at learning. His favorite subject is math. He decided to choose the field of engineering side because math is his favorite subject of Mangesh Andhale. But unfortunately force of his family he takes bio group in 11th standard. The result of Mangesh Andhale in the 10th standard is 97.40 percent. It is a very nice score in the 10th standard. After completing his 10th standard he took admitted to High school at kaij.

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when he starts to build a website.

But after the 10th standard was completed he decided to make a website. He made his first website and his official website is

He made a lot of websites that rank on Google. After 1 month he got AdSense approval with good earnings. He decided to make a career on this side. He took a lot of effort to write an article and other activities that are helpful for the website. He made a YouTube channel his name is Mangesh Andhale. On the YouTube channel, he remixes the music and uploads them in this channel. In the 2022 year, he completed 10 standard studies, and the next day he goes Latur for college study. Now Mangesh is studying in 11 standards in the year 2022.

Now We will discuss his family.

Mangesh’s mother’s name is Sunita Laxman Andhale and their father’s name is Laxman Madhavrao Andhale. He has one sister whose name is Gitanjali Laxman andhale. Mangesh belongs to a middle family but his family support is very good for him. His family provided all facility that he needed. With a very good education, he tried to study to make his great future. We discussed that study life.

Now you will discuss Mangesh Andhale’s school experience.

In school life, he got many friends and many good facility teachers and others. We will discuss every teacher that teaches Mangesh Andhale. Every teacher studied Mangesh Andhale we will discuss in short about that particular teacher.

Teachers information.

Kekan madam

In the second standard the class teacher of Mangesh’s class is taken, madam. He teaches Marathi and English subjects in 2nd standard. He is a very good teacher with very interesting knowledge. He tries to understand what he saying understand to the front student. Madam punishes when someone mistake.

Shep madam

Shape madam is also a good teacher. Madam teaches Marathi subjects. Madam is always ready to solve any problem of any person or student.

Chavan sir

Sir teaches in 3rd standard. Sir is most tricky than usual when something happens. Sir teachers nicely. This is the favorite teacher of all students. They wear tail jokes when the student’s mood is of f.

Chate sir

Chate sir teaches history subject. He teaches all History of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. We are very serious venture teachers of the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. At that time this is our favorite lecture. We don’t miss this lecture because we get pride from this subject. We got many things from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s history.

After completing primary school we study in secondary school in the same school.

Waghmode sir

In class V we had Waghmode sir as our class teacher. Wagmode sir used to teach us the subject of mathematics. We loved his way of teaching and his way of understanding and it was his way that made us interested in subjects like mathematics.

Waghmare madam

Waghmare madam used to teach us Marathi subjects to us. We loved his deep knowledge of the Marathi language and his teaching style. Ma’am was teaching us Marathi subjects but also she was head of the exam department. From taking the exam to all its management, all the work was done under the chairmanship of Waghmare madam. Whatever problem we faced during the exam, madam solved those problems easily. Madame’s nature was calm but equally forceful if anyone made a fuss or advance. Madams also used to punish if they were found to be rioting or rioting.


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