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Kharosa Caves latur | nest place in latur in 2022 | 

Kharosa Caves latur  – Kharosa Caves located in Kharosa villages is one of the most popular tourist spots in Latur. The cave is also known as Kharosa Caves as the cave is located in the villages of Kharosa. Millions of tourists and history buffs from Maharashtra come to the city of Latur to visit this inscription.

Many tourists come to Latur to see Kharosa Caves. At a distance of 40 to 45 km from Latur city is the village of Kharosa and in the same villages you can see Kharosa Caves. This cave is made by using Jambha rock. The area around this cave is surrounded by nature. If you want to see the ancient construction, then you must visit Kharosa Caves. Kharosa Caves is the only place to see the oldest and carved structures in the city of Latur.

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History about Kharosa Caves latur .

At this place you can see the rocks carved 1500 years ago. In the cave you also get to see the sculpture of Gautama Buddha carved into the interior of the cave. It will be easy for you to study the rock art of the caves which have been carved in different periods. You can see the stone carvings of people at that place. In this place you get to see a total of 20 caves and each cave has different significance and you get to see different artefacts in it so you can definitely visit this place and strengthen your knowledge about history.

how to reach latur.

Kharosa caves latur.

There are three ways to visit Latur city which are Road, Air and Prem Marg.

By bus.

You can visit the city of Latur using the road route by bus or your personal vehicle and you can also come here using the Latur Bus Station.

By railway.

You can visit the city of Latur by using the railways as you also have railways in Latur.

Famous places in latur.

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05 Kharosa Caves latur
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