Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad – Famous temple in osmanabad

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Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad | Famous place in osmanabad | Kalbhairavanatha  temple osmanabad.

Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad – Among the tourist places in the district of Osmanabad, we are going to see the religious tourist places in these villages.

The magnificent temple of Kalbhairavanatha in the villages of Sonari in the Osmanabad district is famous. It is also a place of faith for the people of Sonari village as well as Maharashtra.

The temple of Kalbhairavanatha is built on the banks of the river Sina. We know that Kalyan Swami is a disciple of Sant Ramdas and you can also see his Samadhi at this place.

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Information About Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

In the village of Sonali, you can see different shrines like Bagnath temple, Nagnirzari shrine, Nath Samadhi, etc.
Kalbhairavanath is the family deity of many families in Maharashtra as well as in other areas. Kalbhairavanath Temple Sonari is always open to its devotees.

Devotees and tourists can visit this place anytime. In the villages of Sonar, you can also find Bhairavanath Math and which is on the right side of the temple. Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

Some carvings have been done on the wall of this temple which is worth seeing.
You have to cross the Nagarkhana in the temple area first and then you will see a wooden chariot. Only these

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people come from different parts to see this wooden chariot. At this pl, ace you can see Barav. This temple is known as Sundar Tirtha. It is estimated that its structure may be from of fifteenth or sixteenth century. After crossing the Barav, you also get to see the beautiful Deepmala. Right in front of Deep maal, you can see the temple of Sri Kalbhairavanatha. In the central part of the temple,  you can see medieval stone images of Kalabhairavnath and Jogeshwari. You can find different types of antiques in this place. People from different parts come to this temple for darshan and tourism. Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

How to reach Kalbhairavanath Temple Sonari?

Location of Kalbhairavanath Mandir Sonari.


To come to Kalbhairavanath Mandir Sonari first you need to come to Osmanabad. You can use all three ways to reach Osmanabad: bus station, railway station, and airport.

By Road – Osmanabad Bus Station

You can reach the bus station at Osmanabad by using the bus station in your cities and from there Kalbhairavanath Temple Sonari is very close. Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

Railway Route – Osmanabad Railway Station

You can reach the railway station located at Osmanabad using your nearest railway station. Just a short distance from the railway station, you can find the Kalbhairavanath Temple Sonari. Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

Airport – Aurangabad Airport

If your cities have an airport, you can reach Osmanabad by flying to Osmanabad. Kalbhairavanath Temple Sonari is very close to Osmanabad Airport. Kalbhairavanatha Temple sonari osmanabad.

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