Kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai – best school for your children

Kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai | best school in ambajogai.

Kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai | best recidencial and non-recidencial school in ambajogai | KDKV Ambajogai. 

Kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai (kdkv ambajogai ) – If you are looking for a good school for your child in Ambajogai then kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai is a good example. kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzhari Campus Ambajogai is the only school in Ambajogai cities that provides education for resident as well as non-resident students.

kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari Campus Ambajogai School is looked upon by thousands of parents as a trusted school that strives to brighten the future of your child with good facilities and good attention to education. Today we are going to see the complete information about this school which you will definitely like and you will consider enrolling your child in this school.

Kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari campus Ambajogai | best school in ambajogai.

About the education of kdkv ambajogai.

kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari Campus Ambajogai Students belonging to this class from class 1st to 10th can study in this school. Resident and non-resident students are given education in this school. kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari Campus Ambajogai is seen as a school that earns a good name in Ambajogai cities with a hundred percent results every year.

Name of school location.the best school in ambajogai. School student biography.
Kai dadarao karad visyalaya ambajogai. (KDKV Ambajogai ) get the school location. best school in ambajogai. Mangesh andhale

Location of KDKV school ambajogai.

KDKV school ambajogai is distance from the main city.

The school is located at a distance of three kilometers from Ambajogai bus station. This school is located at in Nagzari Shepwadi village area. kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari Campus Ambajogai. This school was established in the year 2003. You can find all the facilities you need here. In this school, you can find all the facilities that your child needs from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he sleeps in the evening. Now let’s see the detailed information about everything that is in this school.


About school.

The full name of the school is kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya Nagzari Campus Ambajogai. Students from class 1 to class 10 study in this school and students of both Marathi med semi-medium medium can study in this school. There are more classrooms rooms with well-equipped buildings. There are 3 playgrounds for the student to play.

Facilities that are available in kai dadarao karad Vidyalaya ambajogai .

Various facilities are available for your chia ld like science lab, computer room, exercise and school, music class. Along with education, you will also find a computer lab here well-equipped equipped for your child to get computer knowledge. In the subject of science, you get to see different experiments, not just by reading about them, but there are also well-equipped laboratories to try them out. Daily exercise is good for your child’s health, so daily exercise is done in this school. Your child is given special priority to realize the special quality of your child. Here you will also find the training required to bring out the qualities in him.

Result of kdkv school of every year.

The school has an expert team to teach the students with different teachers for each subject. They solve every student’s problem and try to give him deep knowledge in every subject. Due to his teaching, students are passing with good percentage in SSC board 10th result with more than 90 to 95 marks. If you check some previous results, clearly see that every subject result is hundred percentile and at least three students are easily ahead of 95%.

Every year some students of kai Dadarao Karad Vidyalaya study at Shahu College in Latur with good results. This school also plays a big role in getting them to a good college after passing 10th.

Class arrangement.

Each student has a bench to sit on. Each class has a separate classroom. As CCTV cameras are installed in the classrooms, the entire school is under CCTV camera surveillance. All the facilities required classroomass rooms are provided as required classrooms. A pleasant environment is created for the student to study.

Festival At kdkv school.

Every festival is celebrated at home. Due to the creation of this kind of environment, the school team tries to create an environment similar to that of the village for the students. Gathering and Sportmate are organized every year. Through this event, students present their art. Students who want to participate in nataka then it will give chance to participate in nataka and some who like to dance are e given a part in Dance. Keeping in mind that playing sports is important along with education, Sportmate is taken up and numbers of winners are drawn by conducting necessary sports competitions. A special program is held and prizes are distributed to the students who are numbered in the game.

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