Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad – Famous temple in india

Grishneshwar Temple | world famous place and temple | Aurangabad famous temple |

Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad | Famous place and temple in India.

Grishneshwar Temple – Among the twelve Jyotirlingas located in India, the last i.e. the twelfth Jyotirlinga is the Grishneshwar Temple. Grishneshwar Temple is located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The Grishneshwar temple can be found in the villages of Verul, which is close to the city of Aurangabad.

This is one of the famous temples in Aurangabad. Grishneshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Verul Caves which are famous in Aurangabad cities are a very short distance from this temple. All the tourists who come to the cities of Aurangabad visit these two places without fail.

About Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad.

The Grishneshwar temple was built in the thirteenth century AD. Many stories are told about this fort, including the damage done to the temple during the Mughal reign. But in the eighteenth century AD, the same time was reconstructed and reopened for devotees and tourists.

Rules for People.

Anyone can go to the temple to have the darshan of the deity but local Hindus demand that men have to go bare-chested to enter the main hall of the temple which we call the core. Men are allowed to take off their shirts to have God’s darshan in the temple, otherwise, you cannot have God’s darshan i.e. you cannot go inside the temple.

The entire area of ​​the temple is covered by CCTV cameras. You are not allowed to use a mobile phone inside the temple. If you have mobile phones, you have to keep them outside the temple. On entering the temple, you are sent inside only after your body is checked.

Construction and attack.

The Grishneshwar temple was built in the thirteenth century but was attacked and destroyed during the boy’s reign. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s grandfather i.e. Malojiraje Bhosale rebuilt this temple in the 16th century AD to rebuild the temple after the attack.

Even after this, the temple was attacked and vandalized and in the eighteenth century AD, Ahilyabai Holkar rebuilt this temple once again. After this, there was no attack on this temple and since no statement was made that the temple would be damaged, this temple is now safe.

Grishneshwar Temple | world famous place and temple | Aurangabad famous temple |

Importance of temple.

Among the twelve Jyotirlingas in India, Grishneshwar Temple is known as the smallest Jyotirlinga. While constructing this temple, we can see the major use of Jambha rock. In the center of the temple, you can also see a court hall built on 24 pillars. On the walls of the temple, you can find carvings of various arts and legends. You can see that the face of the Shivlinga in the temple is towards the east.

Things For see here.

  • There are various things on the premises of Grishneshwar temple that you will surely love to see. The construction of the temple and the artwork done on it is worth seeing.
  • There is an idol of Lord Shiva in the temple and this temple also has the last i.e. twelfth position among the twelve Jyotirlingas.
  • The 24-pillared court hall is also a must-see at this place.
  • Various works of art have been presented on the pillar. Various avatars of Lord Vishnu are drawn on the wall. Sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses painted on the walls are also worth seeing.

Meaning of Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad.

If you don’t know the meaning of the name Grishneshwar, it means master of doing. Among the very few temples in India where you can see the Shivling facing east, the Grishneshwar temple in Aurangabad is one of them.

How to reach Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad.

Aurangabad is a district in Maharashtra. There are various ways available to you to reach this place like airway railway and roadways. You can reach by using your personal vehicle or by using government buses using the above route. Grishneshwar Temple is just away from the Above Stations.

Location of grishneshwar temple. 

By Road.

You can visit Aurangabad by using Government Bus or travel. From the nearest bus station, you can take a bus to Aurangabad city and visit the tourist places in Aurangabad city and complete your short trip with pleasure.

Railway Line – Aurangabad Railway Station

You can visit  Aurangabad city by using the train from your nearest railway station. Take a train and come to Aurangabad city and enjoy your trip by visiting the tourist places in this place. Grishneshwar temple just away from the railway station Aurangabad.

By Airport.

You can also come to Aurangabad by using Airport. take a flight from your nearby airport and come to Aurangabad city and enjoy your trip. Grishneshwar temple just away from Aurangabad Airport.

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