Ganjgolai Market latur – best place to visit in latur in 2022

Ganjgolai Market latur - best place to visit in latur

Ganjgolai Market latur | best place to visit in latur in 2022 | 

Ganjgolai Market latur – Considering the tourist places in Latur, Ganjgolai Market located in the central part of Latur city is also known as the most visited tourist place. Latur is a city located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Latur is also declared as a district. You can also find many tourist places in the Latur district among which Ganjgolai Market is also a major tourist place and today we will see brief information about it. Ganjgolai Market latur.

What can you see here.

The temple of Mother Jagdamba Devi, a place of worship for millions of devotees in India as well as in Maharashtra, is located at Ganjgolai Latur. Near Ai Jagdamba temple you can find many shops. If you want to buy anything, you can easily get it here, so Partake considers it a must-visit place. Ganjgolai Market is located in the heart of the Latur district and is very close to the bus stand.

If you want to explore the oldest structures in the city of Latur, Ganjgolai Market is a perfect example for you. Ganjgolai Market is a place where various roads coming from different parts converge and form a circle hence the name Ganjgolai Market latur.

Ganjgolai Market latur - best place to visit in latur
Ganjgolai Market latur – best place to visit in latur

About Ganjgolai Market latur.

If you look at this place with the help of google Maps, you will see a round shape everywhere, hence the name Golai is given to this place. If we consider the structure built at Ganjgolai, was built in the year 1917 so it is considered a very ancient structure. In the vicinity of Jagdamba temple, you can find huge shops of various things and it is also considered as the biggest market in the Latur district. In this place, you can find shops for all the things you need as the number of these shops is very high so you will find shops everywhere in this place. As mentioned above, Ganjgolai is connected by more than 15 roads from different parts and they are connected in a round shape. Ganjgolai Market latur.

History about Ganjgolai Market latur.

Faiyazuddin founded the market Ganjgolai and it was also built in 1917 in a two-storied structure. This construction has been completed for more than 100 years today.

How to reach latur.

Location of Ganj golai market.

Due to the high population of Latur district, Latur city is also declared as a district so you can avail the transport services in this place in a good manner. You can visit this place by road as well as by rail.

By bus.

You can reach Latur by taking a Latur-bound bus from your nearest bus station.

by train.

Since the Latur district has railways, you can come to Latur by taking a train to Latur from your district or grandfather’s railway station.


Latur city has also built an airport but as it is closed for some reason you cannot come to Latur district by air so you should use the above two routes.

Famous places in latur.

01 Ashtavinayak Temple latur
02 Ausa Fort latur.
03 Udgir Fort latur
04 Siddheshwar and Ratneshwar Temple Latur
05 Kharosa Caves latur
06 Wadwal Nagnath Bet latur
07 Ganjgolai Market latur

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