Dharur fort – Best fort to visit in dharur beed in 2022

dharur fort

Dharur fort – information and history.

Dharur Fort is the most famous fort in Dharur Taluk. In today’s post, we are going to take information about the most famous places in Dharur taluka. Dharur Fort is the number one fort when it comes to famous places.
Dharur fort is the only fort in Dharur taluk which falls into two categories namely Bhuikot and Giridurg.

This fort is also worth seeing as it was built a long time ago. In this place, you will find the oldest construction. You will get to see all the information about the design of the fort and its replica only after this visit. Fort lovers must visit Dharur Fort.

dharur fort

surrounding area of dharur fort.

After reaching the top of the fort, you can also experience the valley below. Due to all the scenic surroundings and mind-blowing atmosphere, tourists visit this place without fail.

Dharur Fort is also a favorite tourist destination for its scenic surroundings and lush vegetation. There is also a lake near the fort with water in it. After going to the top of this fort, you can observe the surroundings.

Best place to visit in beed.

location of dharur fort.

All information about dharur fort.

Name of fort Dharur Fort
Village Dharur
District Beed
Best time to visit Anytime in year,  but winter season is better.
Charge no charge
Distance from beed 55 km.

exprience of the top of the fort.

You can experience the whole area only after going to the topmost part of the fort. You can enjoy various scenic surroundings such as mountains and valleys in the surrounding area.

You can visit this fort anytime and enjoy this fort water. The construction of this fort and its ancient stature is worth seeing, so tourists visit this fort without fail. We also get to see a  lot of history of this fort. Today we have seen some information about this fort.

This fort is very close to Dharur taluk. You can visit thany time  any time of the year.

Location of dharur fort.

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