Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad – Devgiri fort Aurangabad history and information

Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad | famous fort in Aurangabad | best place to visit in Aurangabad.

Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad | famous fort in Aurangabad | devgiri fort Aurangabd| Famous Fort in Maharastra.

Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad is one of the most powerful forts in the city of Aurangabad. Daulatabad Fort is also known by another name Devagiri. The Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad was built during the Yadav period and is also of historical importance.

Millions of tourists visiting the city of Aurangabad make a must-visit to this fort. This fort is also seen as the first destination of Aurangabad city for history lovers as well as fort lovers.

Today in this post we will see the history of the fort as well as other information about the fort.

Daulatabad fort is considered as a historical fort of the Yadav period in the cities of Aurangabad. The fort is also known as Daulatabad Fort as it is near the village of Daulatabad in the city of Aurangabad but in some places, the fort is also known as Devagiri.

The extent and height of this fort are huge and the height of this fort is about 2975 feet. History lovers visit this fort as it is easy to conquer such a mighty fort. It was not easy for the enemy to attack this fort as the structure of this fort was very difficult.

Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad | famous fort in Aurangabad | best place to visit in Aurangabad.

Daulatabad Fort i.e. Devagiri Fort is also considered as the most powerful fort in the southern region.

In 1187 AD Yadava king Bhillam built the Devagiri fort which we know today as the Daulatabad fort. It is one of the most secure forts in the country.

Construction facts.

This fort was designed in such a way that it was very difficult for the enemy to attack this fort and therefore it was not easy for them to conquer this fort.

At the top of this fort, you can also see very powerful cannons. It is said that one cannon can be the ability to destroy a city. The cannons found in the fort are written in Persian script.

After entering inside the Daulatabad fort you will see a tall minaret known as Chand Minar. The height of Chand Minar is thirty meters.

Some information about Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad.

Daulatabad Fort Aurangabad is built on a hill that is 200 meters high. If you look at the shape there, it can be seen in the shape of a cone. For the security of the fort, gates have been erected at short distances and neutral walls have also been erected.

As the design of this fort is not easily understood by the enemies, this fort was never conquered by the enemies and hence this fort never surrendered to the enemy. If you go to see this fort, you will also guess it. Local tourists as well as foreign tourists also come to visit this fort.

How to reach Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad.

Aurangabad is a district in Maharashtra. There are various ways available to you to reach this place like airway railway and roadways. You can reach by using your personal vehicle or by using government buses using the above route. Bibi Ka Maqbara just away from Above Stations.

Location of Daulatabad fort Aurangabad.

By Road.

You can visit Aurangabad by using Government Bus or travel. From the nearest bus station, you can take a bus to Aurangabad city and visit the tourist places in Aurangabad city and complete your short trip with pleasure.

Railway Line – Aurangabad Railway Station

You can visit  Aurangabad city by using the train from your nearest railway station. Take a train and come to Aurangabad city and enjoy your trip by visiting the tourist places in this place. Daulatabad Fort just away from railway station Aurangabad.

By Airport.

You can also come to Aurangabad by using Airport. take a flight from your nearby airport and come to Aurangabad city and enjoy your trip. Daulatabad Fort just away from Aurangabad Airport.

Famous places and temples in Aurangabad.

01 Bibi Ka Maqbara.
02 Daulatabad fort / Devgiri fort.
03 Grishneshwar Temple.
04 Bhadra Maruti temple Aurangabad.
05 Mhaismal Hill station.
06 Siddhart garden and zoo Aurangabad.
07 Bani begum Garden.

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