Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad – best tourist temple in aurangabad

Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad | famous tourist place in aurangabad

Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad | best tourist place in aurangabad |

Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad is one of the major famous temples located in Aurangabad. This temple is also included among ancient temples as it is very well built. Bhadra Maruti Temple is one of the ancient temples in Aurangabad. In the city of Aurangabad, you can find many tourist places among which Bhadra Maruti temple is also a favorite place of tourists. Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

Lakhs of devotees of Maruti come to the city of Aurangabad for darshan. Bhadra Maruti Temple is located near the city of Aurangabad and is located in Khultabad. Bhadra Maruti Temple is located at a distance of 27 km from the city of Aurangabad. At this place, you can see the idol of Lord Hanuman. Here you can see Lord Samman’s sleeping idol in this place. Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

Time to visit – Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

You can visit this temple any day of the year it is open for devotees as well as tourists from 5 am to 12 pm and it is open again for tourists and devotees from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad | famous tourist place in aurangabad

As this is a temple of Lord Hanuman, you don’t need to pay any entry fee to this place. Destroyers you can see this temple and also experience the natural beauty of this place.

Tourist attraction in Aurangabad.

Devotees of Hanuman Ji in the city of Aurangabad come for darshan. Bhadra Maruti Khuldabad is one of the tourist attractions in Aurangabad as tourists come from different regions to see this temple.

Bhadra Maruti is also a place of worship for many devotees across the country. This is why we always see a crowd of devotees at this place. The original name of Khultabad is Bhadravati but the name of this village was also earlier Ratnapura. Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

Lord Hanuman’s sleeping idol is found in only three states in India.

  • Uttar Pradesh – Prayagraj
  • Khultabad Maharashtra
  • Jamsavali Madhya Pradesh

Festival celibrate on special occagion. Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

In the three places mentioned above, you can see the idol in the temple of Lord Maruti in a state of sleep.
Devotees of Lord Hanuman can come here anytime for darshan but especially on Saturdays of the week devotees of Lord Hanuman throng in large numbers for darshan. On this day only these people come from Aurangabad and other nearby places for darshan. Among the days of the week, we see a large crowd at this place on Saturdays.
The major moment of Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated at this place with great pomp and joy. Bhadra Maruti Temple Aurangabad.

As it is the festival of Lord Hanuman, this festival is celebrated in large numbers in this temple, and devotees of Maruti are present in lakhs on that day. As Hanuman Jayanti is a must-see event, you can visit this place on that day.

Location to visit direct.

SR.NO name of temple near place Location
01 Bhadra Maruti temple Aurangabad Siddhart garden and zoo get location.

Famous place Bhadra Maruti temple.

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