Best places to visit in latur

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Ganj golai – Best places to visit in latur.

Best places to visit in Latur. Let us take a brief look at the famous Ganjgolai Market in Latur. Ganjgolai is the only place in Latur where all the markets and big shops can be found. 15 different roads converge at this place and there is a two-storied building in a circular shape that also houses the temple of Mother Jagdamba Devi.

At Ganjgolai you can find different hotels where you can eat different food. In its vicinity, you can find big shops for everything. Ganjgolai is the most famous place in Latur. Ganjgolai was built in the year 1917. On the opposite side of Ganjgolai, you have a flyover. Best places to visit in Latur.

Nana Nani Park Latur – Best places to visit in Latur.

Best places to visit in Latur – Vilasrao Deshmukh Park has another name in Latur: Nana Nani Park. Nana Nani Park is one of the most popular places in Latur. Vilasrao Deshmukh Udyan aka Nana Nani Park is a relaxing park for kids, friends, and family to spend time together.

Nana Nani Park has a special arrangement for you to sit and a theater has also been set up there. Nana Nani Park in Latur is a perfect example if you want to indulge your mind. Nana Nani Park is located near Latur Municipal Corporation and you can visit this place anytime from 5 AM to 9 PM.

Nana Nani park and Park is the only well-known place in Latur to spend time together with your family and have fun. You can enjoy different things in this place. You can visit this place for entertainment. hence this is theĀ  Best place to visit in Latur.

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Ausa fort – Best places to visit in Latur.

If you want historical monuments in theĀ  Latur district, then you have to visit Ausa Fort. Ausa fort rose to prominence during the battles fought in the Sant Niti of Deccan and is known by different names. This fort has as many as thirteen different names but the last one is Ausa hence the fort is also known as Ausa Fort.

From the highest point of this,t you can observe the surroundings. If you look at the natural structure of this fort, you can see that it is somewhat square. Ausa Fort is situated in Latur and is also considered the glory of Laturkars. People come to visit this fort not only from Latur but also from different parts. Best places to visit in Latur.

Tourists come from far and wide to see the structure of this fort. This fort will preserve the glory of Laturkars. Ausa Fort is one of the most famous places in Latur. You can also find different information about Ausa Fort and its history. We have seen a brief history of it above. Among the famous places in Latur, the name of ausa fort is also mentioned.

Best places to visit in latur | Ausa fort | nana nani park latur | Ganj Golai Latur | Nana Nani Park | Ausa Fort | Udgir Fort
Best places to visit in Latur | Ausa fort | nanaNanii parkLaturr |

Brief information about Udgir Fort. – Best places to visit in Latur.

Udgir Fort is famous for the Treaty of Udgir in the twelfth century. Udgir Fort is known as the twelfth-century fort that was the cause of the Maratha battles under the leadership of Sadashivrao and the Nizams. If the history of the name of this fort is based on the foundation, then this fort has been named Udgir Fort after the name Rishi Udayagiri Maharaj.

List of the famous places in Latur.

01 Ganj Golai Latur Latur
02 Nana Nani Park Latur
03 Ausa Fort Latur
04 Udgir Fort Latur
05 Kharosa caves latur Latur
06 Vadval nagnath bet Latur

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