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Today we are going to get information about the tourist places in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. In this post, we are going to see information about the top ten tourist spots in the Ahmednagar district. Ahmednagar district lies in the western part of Maharashtra. Ahmednagar is 120 km from Pune and 254 km from Mumbai. Among the tourist places in Maharashtra, you can find many tourist places in the Ahmednagar district. There are many tourist places in the Ahmednagar district but we are going to go in-depth about the top 10 tourist places.

Chand bibi Mahal

A three-storied hexagonal building located 13 km from Ahmednagar city is one of the best places in Ahmednagar. Chand Bibi was the acting queen of Bijapur. Chand bibi Mahal has been built by residents to honor their bravery. A visit to Chandbibi Mahal helps you explore the natural beauty of Aurangabad. Various hills, trees, bushes, birds, and animals can be found while passing by this palace. You can also enjoy the scenic environment of Aurangabad city here. Tourists from Ahmednagar cities visit this place without fail. It is the best place for sightseeing as well as for relaxing the mind. You can experience various things besides Chand Mahal.
Chand bibi Mahal is a hexagonal building and has three floors. Local tourists as well as tourists from Marathwada visit this building. Among the historical buildings in the city of Ahmednagar, Channa Mahal is an architectural site. Tourists who love history visit this place without fail. It is also a favorite tourist spot in the city of Ahmednagar. You can visit this place alone or with your family.

Anand Dham

It is happily regarded as one of the most popular Jain pilgrimages in India. The resting place of Anand Rishi Maharaj is called Anand Dham. This Dham is named after Anand Rishi Maharaj. This place is built in memory of Anand Rishi. We find the teachings of Ananda Rishi deeply rooted in love, non-violence, and tolerance. Ananda is shaped like a lotus so this place is also famous for its lotus-shaped monument. At Anand Dham, you can find many books about Jainism in Marathi and Hindi language and help you to study in depth. Anand Dham is located at Bhawani Nagar in Ahmednagar.

Ahmednagar Fort.

Built on the banks of the Bhingar River in Ahmednagar, Ahmednagar Fort is a favorite place for historical tourists. Ahmednagar Fort is one of the best tourist places among the historical places in the city of Ahmednagar. It is mentioned in history that Sultan Malik Ahmednagar Nizam Shah ordered to see this fort for his security. The wall of this fort is 18 meters high and this fort has a total of 22 towers. The fort also has a large gate. After Aurangzeb’s death, the fort passed to the Nizams in 1724, and in 1759, the Marathas attacked the fort and annexed it to Swarajya. In 1803, the fort was captured by the British in the Anglo-Maratha War and the British dominated the fort. During the Quit India Movement, the British had built a prison in this fort, and in it, the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru Abul Kalam Azad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, etc. was imprisoned in Ahmednagar district. Such is the history of the fort. The fort is now open to tourists. Ahmednagar Fort is a must-visit for tourists coming to Ahmednagar cities. It is also a favorite place for historians. Local tourists as well as foreign tourists can be seen visiting this fort.

Bhandardara Dam

Wilson Dam is also known as Bhandardara Dam. Bhandardara Dam is one of the major dams in Ahmednagar. Bhandardara Dam was completed in 1926 AD. The average height of this dam is about 150 meters. The reservoir created by this dam is also known as Arthur Lake or Bhandardara Lake. Bhandardara Dam is built on the major river of Maharashtra i.e. Prawara River. Bhandardara Dam is also considered the most popular cold weather spot in the western part of Maharashtra. As this is a favorite place for tourists, you will always see a crowd at this place. The average temperature in Bhandardara is 24 point one degree Celsius. In the winter season, we can see that the weather in that place is greatly reduced and in the winter season, the temperature in this place drops up to twelve degrees Celsius. The temperature in this region is around 30°c during summer. The area around Bhandardara Dam is full of nature. It is a great place to spend a pleasant stay in nature. Tourists from cities such as Mumbai Pune Ahmednagar Nashik etc. visit this place in large numbers. Around the Bhandardara Dam yo,u can find various tourist spots like Randa Falls, Kalsubai Peak, Ratnagad Fort, Igatpuri Alang Fort, etc. You need at least one day to visit all these places

Amriteshwar Temple.

Amriteshwar Temple is a religious tourist destination in the Ahmednagar district. You can find Amriteshwar Temple at Ratanwadi in Ahmednagar. It is a favorite place for religious tourists. This temple was built twelve hundred years ago. Amriteshwar Temple is one of the oldest places in the city of Ahmednagar. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Historians estimate that this temple may have been built in the new century AD. Tourists from Maharashtra as well as various states come to visit this place to see this ancient temple. Amriteshwar Temple is considered as the most famous religious tourist place among the religious tourist places in the cities of Ahmednagar. If you visit the city of Ahmednagar, definitely visit this temple. A carved construction has been done on this temple. Tourists come from different parts of the world to see the beautiful stone carvings on the walls of the temple.

Kalsubai Shikhar Parbat.

Known as the highest peak in Maharashtra, Kalsubai peak is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Kalsubai peak is visited by tourists and trekkers from Maharashtra as well as various states. Devotees of the Kalsubai temple visit this place. It is one of the best scenic spots in Ahmednagar city. In this place, you can enjoy the high mountain trees and bushes and various scenic surroundings. Kalsubai Shikhar is one of the best tourist destinations for you if you want to walk in a scenic environment. Tractors show their preference for this tourist spot so you can see a large number of trekkers at this place. It is also a favorite tourist spot in the city of Ahmednagar. Among the major trekking spots in Ahmednagar, Kalsubai Peak is one of the best tourist spots. Here you get to enjoy a few moments in the entire scenic environment. You can visit this place any time of the year. You don’t need to pay any fee to visit this place, you can visit this place for free and complete your trip with pleasure. If you are looking for a conference in Ahmednagar cities then Kalsubai Shikhar is the best tourist destination for you.

Randha Falls.

Randha Falls is the major waterfall in Akola Taluka of Ahmednagar. On the river Pravara, you can see the Randa Dagba and which flows in a gorge fifty meters deep. As the waterfall is scenic and full, you also get to see the red color of the water at this place. You can enjoy a walk above the waterfall at this place. Among the best tourist spots in Ahmednagar, Randha Falls is also a favorite place for tourists. Here you can enjoy the view of the waterfall. You can visit this tourist place on holiday. Tourists in Ahmednagar city as well as surrounding cities can see that this place is a must-visit. This waterfall is also known as a favorite tourist spot for tourists. You can visit this waterfall anytime but most tourists visit this waterfall during monsoon season. Randha falls can be seen at a distance of ten kilometers from Bhandardara bus station. Near Randha Falls you can see Bhandardara Dam. If you visit this place, you get the pleasure of visiting two tourist spots at the same time.


When we hear the name Shirdi, the word Sai comes automatically from our mouths. At this place, you can see the magnificent temple of Sai Baba. In Saibaba temple, you can see all religious devotees. Saibaba Temple Shirdi is a place of pilgrimage for millions of future devotees in India. Many tourists and devotees visit this place in large numbers from all over India. Saibaba’s devotees are not only in India but also abroad. Devotees also come from abroad to have the darshan of Sai Baba. Saibaba’s temple in the city of Ahmednagar is also a major religious site. Saibaba Temple is located at a distance of 83 km from Ahmednagar city.


Shani Mandir is the number one religious tourist spot among the major tourist spots in Ahmednagar. This village is named after this temple. Shani Mandir is located at Shanishinganapur. There is an idol of Lord Shani on the stone pillar in this temple. The special feature about this god is that this god is not in the temple. You can see the idol of God outside. List As you have seen this temple, you must have seen that there is a grand building on top of the temple but nothing like that is found in this place. You can see the idol outside. There is a characteristic about this God that God is there but does not give. You will not see the door of every house in these villages. This is the only village in India where you can’t see the door of any house. You can see the idol of Lord Shani in black colors.nnnn

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