Ausa Fort latur – Famous fort in latur city in 2022

Ausa Fort latur | famous places in latur | best places in latur| 

Ausa Fort latur | famous places in latur | best places in latur| 

One such fort is a fort very close to Latur town. It is also seen as the Bhuikot fort in the cities of Latur. Ausa Fort latur was built in 1466 AD during Mani’s rule. You have to get close to this fort to see this fort as it seems to be hidden in the deep. You can find Turkish and European architectural influences in this fort.

The historical and religious objects in the cities of Latur are of special importance, but among them, the historical fort, which is famous as the fort in this city, has been given special historical and religious importance. Although the city of Ausa is to be identified, the Ausa Fort latur was also known as the center of the administrative division during the Yadav period.

About Ausa Fort.

You may be familiar with the types of forts, but the Ausa Fort latur in the city of Latur falls under the Bhuikot type. The total area of ​​the Ausa fort at Ausa is 24 acres and thirty guntas. The entire exterior of this fort has a moat. The fort was protected from the enemy as the outer side of the fort was a moat. There is the main gate to enter the fort and the name of that gate is Lohbandi.

Ausa Fort latur | famous places in latur | best places in latur| 

Information About Ausa Fort latur.

Lohbandi is also known as the main gate of such a fort. After passing this main door you come across another door called Ahashma. The Iron Band Door is on the eastern side of the fort. Ausa Fort was built by Mohammad Gavan, the Wazir of Mani Raja, during his reign.

Ausa Fort latur is one of the oldest places in the cities of Latur and is also seen as a favorite place for history buffs as well as Gadpatrimis. Every year Latur city is visited by lakhs of tourists, and some of them make it a point to visit the fort of Ausa Fort. Ausa district is very close to Latur city and the distance between both is about twenty kilometers.Ausa Fort latur is one of the most famous tourist places in Latur.

How to reach latur.

you can reach Ausa fort latur by using following roots.

by road.

You can visit Latur Bus Station using your vehicle or government bus and from there you will meet a bus to Ausa Fort latur.

by rail.

As Latur city has railways, you can visit the railway station in Latur using the nearest railway station and book a bus or taxi from there to visit Ausa Fort latur.


Latur city has an airport but it is currently closed for some reason so you can follow the above two routes.

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