Ashtavinayak Temple latur – Famous temple in latur 2022

Ashtavinayak Temple latur | famous temple in latur

Ashtavinayak Temple latur | Famous temple in latur.

Ashtavinayak Temple latur – Today we will briefly examine the famous Ashtavinayaka temple in Latur, built using the South Indian style. Ashtavinayak Temple is located in the Latur district of Maharashtra.

This is one of the magnificent Divya attractions in Latur. After visiting the Ashtavinayak Temple Latur, you will see the influence of South Indian art in the place. After visiting this temple, you will see the temple’s influence in South India. At this place, you can also see an artificial fountain which adds more charm to the temple. Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

About Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

There are various works of art erected on the premises of the temple, out of which you can see the idol of Lord Shankara in the garden and the height of that idol is as high as nine feet. By the name of Ashtavinayak, you can see the eight rupees of Lord Ganesha on the wall. Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

There is an idol of Lord Ganesha in the main hall of the temple and the height of that idol is as much as four feet. You can see this idol of Lord Ganesha made from marble rock at that place.

Ashtavinayak Temple latur | famous temple in latur

This temple is also considered as the most visited tourist spot in the cities of Latur. Ashtavinayak Temple Latur is also a tourist destination, a place of worship for millions of devotees. We find that tourists visiting the city of Latur make it a must to visit Ashtavinayak Temple Latur. Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

Best time to visit Ashtavinayak Temple.

You can visit Ashtavinayak Temple Latur anytime. When tourists from Maharashtra visit the city of Latur, they also consider it a must to visit the Ashtavinayak Temple. Ashtavinayak Temple is one of the best tourist places in Latur.

A four feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha is installed in the temple and the garden, you can also see the idol of Lord Shankara and in the garden, you can see various arts. Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

How to reach Latur.

Ashtavinayak Temple latur location.

There are three main ways you can visit the Latur district.

Road route

You can use your vehicles as well as government buses to visit the bus station of Latur city from where Ashtavinayak Temple is very close. Ashtavinayak Temple latur.

railway line

You can visit Latur railway station using the nearest railway station to your city and Ashtavinayak Temple is just a few minutes away from Latur railway station.


Latur city also has an airport but it is closed for some reason so you have to follow the above two routes.

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